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Revealed: How To Make Any Woman Orgasm Using Just Your Lips and Tongue
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What Is The Best Aphrodisiac To Arouse A Man That Has Lost His Desire?

First question: How old is the man? If he is 50 or older he will be experiencing some decrease in testosterone production. When the testosterone level goes down, desire goes down. Also, most men 40 or older have some degree of ED or erectile dysfunction. That just means that it doesn’t get as hard as quickly at it did when he was 18. Older men need more physical stimulation; just looking doesn’t always get them hard. Use your hands, mouth, feet, whatever you are comfortable with to massage, caress, stroke, etc the penis to aid in getting an erection.
If he is a young man, then usually it is not a physical or hormonal problem. That is to say, he may be really stressed out, exhausted or ill.
There is also the chance that he may be interested in someone else.
But the best aphrodisiac is to be there for him, love him, show him you care. And some lacy lingerie doesn’t hurt!

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