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Embarrassing Male Question.-. Penis hasn’t started to grow yet. ?

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

So I have some questions, that are really embarrassing so if males could only answer, and nothing stupid like that’s your size deal with it, or micropenis, any shit like that. Alright so here goes-…
Alright I turn 18 in 3 weeks, and I’m pretty sure I’ve already hit puberty. I’m about 6 feet tall, maybe an inch or two taller, my voice has pretty much already dropped, my shoe size is US size 11 (If that matters), so for all intensive purposes puberty has already struck me years ago. But my penis, is still the same size as when I was probably 11 or 12. Only about 2 inches non-erect, and erect about 4 inches or so, maybe less I’ve never really measured. So I want to know A: Why?, B: Could there be any problems?, C: If I took steroids would this start to pick things up for me, D: Should I see my doctor, and E: Has this happened to anybody else?
Now I could accept if I had a smaller than average penis, but I barely even have a penis it’s so damn small. So please don’t tell me that’s my size and tough, because I know it’s not, its never even really grown.
[Some background info about me (If it’s even relevant): I don’t really exercise or eat that well, I have extreme fatigue, I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and just started Zoloft about a month ago, for a long time I didn’t really sleep that often, sometimes an hour a night or less, and I’m about 150 pounds. My weight was about 150 at one point, then for no reason a few months later it was 120, then ballooned back up. Also, I have no sex drive any more, sometimes don’t get excited for days, meaning I don’t masturbate/ejaculate but twice a week. And my fatigue is really killing me, destroying my academic life, and social life. So please any help would be greatly appreciated.

Question about sex?

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Please answer these questions:
1. Have you ever had sex?
1a. If so, how old were you the first time?
2. Are you a male or female?
3. Was it painful?
4. Was it embarassing getting nude infront of another person?
5. When did you have sex for the first time?
6. Was it for concieving or just to do it?
7. For Women: When/If you were pregnant did you lose your sex drive?
For Men: When/If your partner was pregnant did you lose your sex drive?
8. What did it feel like?
9. Do you regret doing it?
10. If you how kids, how many?
1. yes
1a. 26
2. female
3. yes
4. kind of
5. when my husband proposed to me
6. just to do it
7. yes
8. it felt good
9. no
10. twins and one on the way

question on male testes.. hopefully a doc or 2 is on here?

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

i know when a male reaches a certain age which varies by male the hypothalamus kicks in and starts generating the hormone that start the testicales production of sperm. would an over active hypothalamus and/or over active testicles cause an increased production of sperm and/or sex drive.. i found out 3 yrs ago that i have a genetic disorder that increases my sperm production immensely and i have had this for about 7 yrs. this increase of sperm must be released or it will cause my testicles to swell up and is very painful… i am currently trying to find a way to slow down production (since i also rapidly produce sperm) to a more normal rate so i dont have a need to ejaculate 2-3 times daily as well as calm my sex drive down in hopes that it helps to slow down production as well
its called an over productive spermatic cord my urologist was only able to tell me that i over produce the sperm and upon a second opinion from another doctor i was told he had heard about it but did not look into but told me that since it bothers me alot and i swell up alot that i rapidly produce also…. would you feel better if i scanned some of my medical records on here?

Question for men or women: Have you ever tried natural sexual enhancement?

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

For men – I’m not talking the supposed “male organ” enhancers but ones to increase sex drive, harder erections, increased performance. If so, what did you use? Do you recommend it?

For women – have you tried anything that increases drive, enhances orgasms, etc. What did you use and did it work?


Important question about male sexually transmitted diseases and infections?

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

i’m going to put as much detail into this question as i can, so please ignore the length and read on, for my sake.
let me start it off like this: im a 15 going on 16 year old boy who has had sex once and it was unprotected. i have also gotten oral sex twice unprotected.

the first time i got a blowjob was just over a year ago, from a girl who had never been sexually active until then.
the last time was about 7 or 8 months ago from a girl who had been with many guys unprotected, but was tested at the clinic a month or two prior which came up clean.
the time i had sex was about 5 months ago, like i said unprotected. the girl had been with a guy before that for about a year and they had sex a lot but that was her first and i was her second.

i feel as though the symptoms have been going on since before i even had any sexual activity at all.
for a long time i have questioned the health of my penis, but havent gone to a doctor. this is partly because im not going to go to my parents about it, and it hasnt really scared me enough to force myself to bring it to my parents, if you know what i mean.
the reason it hasnt scared me that much even though its been going on for a while is because i dont feel extreme pain or anything. i know that sounds stupid.

so now for what i have been experiencing:
-since before i even had any sexual experiences, i had started to notice extreme itchiness of my foreskin, ballsack and the place where pubic hair grows above the penis. the itching is sporadic and i havent noticed much for probably 2 months or so.
-tiny red dots on penis head, gone within a day to a few..
-a red splotch on the penis head that doesnt stay long either.
-extreme dryness when my foreskin is pulled down (i am uncircumsized)
-right underneath the head of my penis (on the side thats facing me) its really light almost white skin, it seems unnatural
-i have had a small amount of discharge a couple of times, which is what has started to worry me.
-when moisturized, the penis head still becomes dry very quick.
-for ever since i can remember (before any sexual activity) there has been this white bump on the foreskin that you can only see when i am erect and the skins pulled back.
-aching testicles, not too bad but still aching.
-acne looking bumps on legs (not sure if this has anything to do with it, just putting it in there)
-acne looking bumps around pubic region

if i can think of any more i will add more. by the way i have a friends mother who i am close to that says she will take me to the walk in clinic or emergency room, but she is gone until either tomorrow or the next day, thats why im asking on here since i cant get there for another couple days.

thank you for any help.
UGH i didnt think it would be THAT long.. again please read it if your willing and know about this sort of thing.. and the starred out word was the term for oral sex i used.
i dont see how you can go about saying im too sexually active.. it was literally 3 events with months between each other.. please i do not need to hear that.. i havent done it since the last time at all. i need someone to give an educated opinion not a link to a site or criticism. i have gone thru every website i could find.
i dont see how you can go about saying im too sexually active.. it was literally 3 events with months between each other.. please i do not need to hear that.. i havent done it since the last time at all. i need someone to give an educated opinion not a link to a site or criticism. i have gone thru every website i could find.

Question about semen appearance?

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

This is a copy of a question from another section; but you men are the ones with the semen, and so would probably have more insight.
Since this post is rather long, the short question is:
When kept at body temperature, can ejaculate change color? Is that normal?

The long post:

I am using at-home artificial insemination in hopes of conceiving a child.
Yesterday, we met the donor, signed contracts, and received our first donation.
It was suggested to keep the donation at body temperature, and I had read a good way to do this was to keep it inside my bra until getting home. We did not want to shock the sperm, as it was quite cold, in the teens and twenties outside. I stored the sample upon my chest, which was under two shirts, and of course, a winter coat. I did not turn the heat on in the car so as to not overheat. It took about 20 minutes from receiving the sample to getting it home and out of my shirt.
Initially, the donation was what appeared to be perfect color and consistency of what semen should be. When I got it home, it was more translucent, and with a yellowish tinge.
So therein lies my question. Did the sample get overheated? Is that normal for a sample, kept at body temperature for that amount of time, to change color?
I hope I didn’t ruin it.
Any insight would be helpful.

Before anyone makes any uneducated comments, these attempts are coming as a thoroughly explored option. My husband is azoospermatic. We confirmed this after a few samples analyzed through a fertility specialist, or RE, who we were seeing until hubby’s job changed insurance…and no longer covers infertility.

Ortho Tri Cyclen Birth Control Question?

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

I really need your help ladies. Ok here is the deal…Its about to be my first time using birth control, and my doctor just gave me the Ortho Tri Cylcen Birth Control to take temporarily, to see how my body takes it. She said after I take it for about a few months, I can change to a different kind. The thing about it is, she said it could make my breasts shrink some…I dont want this happening! lol. Plus ive been thinking about all the unnatural hormones and everything. So I have really been having second thoughts about taking any birth control and instead just having my boyfriend use condoms. I really dont know what I should do. I really dont want to get pregnant. (I’m movin in with my man too.) Please help me out everybody! I’m going crazy thinking about all this. I will really appreciate the help.
I havent started taking it yet. I need the help, before I start to take it.

A question about Birth Control?

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

They say that birth control is 99% effective at preventing pregnancies if taken religiously. I was wondering if that meant that it was 99% effective even if a man ejaculates completely into the vagina or if a man pulls out before ejaculating. I believe it accounts for full ejaculation since the mucus disenables entry from most sperm cells into the uterus and regulates flow. Plus, how great does birth control work……I’m not sure I know anyone whose gotten pregnant, but I’m still unclear. Please tell me anything and everything about birth control in your own experiences. Thanks :)

Penis Enlargement Pills Question?

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

I’ve seen a bunch of those commercials about those Penis Enlargement Pills. I don’t quite understand how a pill could make a penis larger nor do I think it would work.

My question is: has anyone on this site ever used any kind of penis enlargement pill and what were your results?
I wouldn’t even bother with buying them. I was just wondering about them.

Question for the ladies?

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Being a guy, I always heard that the male sex drive peaks at around age 19 and the female sex drive peaks at around 38.

I can tell you that age 36, I do not notice much of a change in my own, but the wife only seems interested in it about once a week? When we were dating 18 years ago, it was every night.

When we discuss it, she always tells me that I am pokey when we do because I always seem to be able to wait until she does before I do. But by the time that happens, it is pretty slick…So it takes me a little while longer…Plus, hey, I like it to savor the time…

1. Is it an urban legend about when the female sexual peak is?
2. Is it weird that I can control the “invasion”.
3. Will it get better when our 2 kids get a little older ?
The kids are 9 and 6.

I try very hard not to until she does, but when she does, it is so slick that it takes me an additional 20 minutes..So then she gets impatient, then I feel pressured…

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