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Embarrassing Male Question.-. Penis hasn’t started to grow yet. ?

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

So I have some questions, that are really embarrassing so if males could only answer, and nothing stupid like that’s your size deal with it, or micropenis, any shit like that. Alright so here goes-…
Alright I turn 18 in 3 weeks, and I’m pretty sure I’ve already hit puberty. I’m about 6 feet tall, maybe an inch or two taller, my voice has pretty much already dropped, my shoe size is US size 11 (If that matters), so for all intensive purposes puberty has already struck me years ago. But my penis, is still the same size as when I was probably 11 or 12. Only about 2 inches non-erect, and erect about 4 inches or so, maybe less I’ve never really measured. So I want to know A: Why?, B: Could there be any problems?, C: If I took steroids would this start to pick things up for me, D: Should I see my doctor, and E: Has this happened to anybody else?
Now I could accept if I had a smaller than average penis, but I barely even have a penis it’s so damn small. So please don’t tell me that’s my size and tough, because I know it’s not, its never even really grown.
[Some background info about me (If it’s even relevant): I don’t really exercise or eat that well, I have extreme fatigue, I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and just started Zoloft about a month ago, for a long time I didn’t really sleep that often, sometimes an hour a night or less, and I’m about 150 pounds. My weight was about 150 at one point, then for no reason a few months later it was 120, then ballooned back up. Also, I have no sex drive any more, sometimes don’t get excited for days, meaning I don’t masturbate/ejaculate but twice a week. And my fatigue is really killing me, destroying my academic life, and social life. So please any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Male Birth Control Pill..your opinion?

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

The MBCP has been out for a while but is going to be made public soon. These pills will have no side effects or the drastic hormonal changes that a woman experiances. How is that they can make a pill for a man with no side effect right out of the gate but not a woman? Could it be because men are the ones that are doing the studing and are the scientist behind these pills? What are thoughts/opinions?
Men: Will you take it?
Women: Will you trust a man who says he’s on the pill?

Cost of Doctor’s Visit For 50 Year Old Male?

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

For my Dad’s 50th birthday, I would like to give him a doctor’s visit. He has not had a physical in a while and does not have health insurance. He is overweight, smokes rarely, loves beer, has a family history of diabetes and heart disease.

I would like for his doctor’s visit to include the following:
Physical exam for cancer (skin, thyroid, lymph nodes, prostate and rectum)
Height/weight measurements
Blood Pressure check
Stool sample check for blood
Cholesterol check
and Blood sugar check

How much money should I set aside for his doctor’s visit? And any advice on how to find the right medical center? He doesn’t have a doctor. Location is Dallas-Fort Worth. Any suggestions please let me know. Thanks everyone!

Men. Do you believe in the ‘male menopause’?

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Here is a quote from ‘the Daily Mail’ regarding the use of testosterone supplements to boost energy levels and flagging libido in men of a certain age.

‘However, the use of HRT in men is controversial, with some doctors claiming that symptoms such as hot flushes, sweating, depression and loss of sex drive are just side-effects of being overweight, lazy and smoking and drinking too much.’

What are your views on this? Have any of you tried testosterone supplements and what effects have you experienced?

Erectile dysfunction young male diabetes?

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

I’m 27 and I have been experiencing some erectile problems off and on lately. I believe it may be 90% mental because I didn’t start experiencing the problem until I started to thinking about it. I have diabetes and I am aware of the ED problems that can be associated with diabetes. I think my issues are mostly mental, but I wanted to know if anyone has had any issues with ED due to diabetes at a young age and whether this could be possible at age 27 when I am in good health for the most part.

35 year old virgin male?

Monday, April 11th, 2011

I really need some advice. I am a 35 year old male, I am still a virgin. I never had a girlfriend in my life and it’s because I have low self esteem. I was picked on as a child until my late teens and it made me feel like I was worth nothing. Girls especially during these years were mean to me because I was not some big macho football player (those were the kinds of guys who got the girls in the 80’s & 90’s). I was terribly thin and very shy. But still to this day, I don’t feel adequate enough to date any girl. I am told I am attractive and many females where I work always ask me why I don’t have a girlfriend and even question me about my past I cannot tell them because it is embarrassing. The older I get, the worse it gets. I mean how many 35 year old men out there have never had a girlfriend and are still a virgin? I have a high sex drive, just never got to use it on a partner. I only kissed one girl in my life and that was when I was 23 and that was totally unexpected after I gave this girl a ride home from college. We made out for like 10 minutes and that was that. What should I do? I feel the Virginity thing at my age is a total turn off to any woman over age 21. They say sex gets better with age and practice makes perfect. No woman is going to want to teach a guy at my age. Please, someone give me advice.

Is 60 years of age OLD for a male?

Friday, April 8th, 2011

And how is there sex drive at 60? Can a man maintian good looks at this age too? Talk to me people….

I am 18 years old, a male, and I have a problem with gyno?

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Okay, heres the deal. I am an 18 year old male going off to college. I work out everyday, lifting and running, eat relatively healthy (mostly whole grains and fruit, along with several cups of green tea a day). I also recently became a type 1 diabetic. I am leaving for college in a week, and I think I have a problem gynocaemastia (sp?). I first started noticing these problems with “man-boobs” before I became diabetic, so I dont think it is related to the fact that I am type-1. My nipples are constantly itching, I feel tissue there, and when I where a shirt, my nipples stick out, which is extremely embarassing. My raging sex drive of the past has also become nonexistant. When i masturbate, I have a very weak and depressing orgasm, which makes me believe that it isnt even worth it. At first I thought i had a zinc deficiency, so i started supplementing, and all thats done is help with the itching, still no recovery of sex drive. When I was hospitalized for type-1, they constantly gave me potassium through the IV because apparently my potassium levels were wayyyy off. I also noticed that my sex drive had returned those 3 days in the hospital though. So my question is this, could my sex drive be screwed up because my potassium levels are out of whack, because I also listen to brainwave entrainment for anxiety and depression, which supposedly throws ur potassium levels all out of whack, but apparently there is no evidence of this. Also, are there any herbs, such as vitex or something, that can help with this apparent breast tissue which is building up under my nipples? Thank you.

Low sex drive in gay male?

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Im just wondering.. Ive always had a Very high sex drive.. and probly been with around 18 males in my life.. Recently i had the perfect lover.. And had a high sex drive to him.. But we broke up and since then i was depressed and 0 sex drive.. its been 3 months and i got a new lover.. but he isent nearly as good looking or experienced as my Ex. I tryed to do a open realtionship and i cant find a sex drive in any one they all seem like they are not sexualy attrative.. Even guys id die to have sex with.. look like nothing.. Even odder.. i went with my ex somewhere and i was turned off by him aswell..

When i think of sex i miss.. Is probly the last time i was with my Ex.. And he probably did me for the best sex ever.. And i cant really.. Feel sexual pleasure any more..

I tryed toping to change it up.. and i Got soft very fast.. And couldn’t even stay hard.. I tryed to bottom and it dident work.. i enjoyed it but something in the back of my head i cant really read.. Hinders it..

I wanna enjoy sex again i feel like il never enjoy it again.. What my issue?
As for the 2 answers.. not quite the deal.. Tryed topping a chick and nothing.. Also.. i can get hard and come.. I just dont feel.. Enjoyment from sex.. is the issue.. I usably cum about 3 times per day
Its pycological

question on male testes.. hopefully a doc or 2 is on here?

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

i know when a male reaches a certain age which varies by male the hypothalamus kicks in and starts generating the hormone that start the testicales production of sperm. would an over active hypothalamus and/or over active testicles cause an increased production of sperm and/or sex drive.. i found out 3 yrs ago that i have a genetic disorder that increases my sperm production immensely and i have had this for about 7 yrs. this increase of sperm must be released or it will cause my testicles to swell up and is very painful… i am currently trying to find a way to slow down production (since i also rapidly produce sperm) to a more normal rate so i dont have a need to ejaculate 2-3 times daily as well as calm my sex drive down in hopes that it helps to slow down production as well
its called an over productive spermatic cord my urologist was only able to tell me that i over produce the sperm and upon a second opinion from another doctor i was told he had heard about it but did not look into but told me that since it bothers me alot and i swell up alot that i rapidly produce also…. would you feel better if i scanned some of my medical records on here?

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